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From North India to South India, one place that comes to mind when planning a destination wedding is definitely Kerala. This God’s own country is the perfect Indian mini-version with the most mesmerizing backdrops for your wedding. Serene beaches, beautiful backwaters, palm trees and lush green grasslands, and spectacular hills – you name it, you can find it in Kerala! With some truly amazing venues available in this southern state, your wedding is bound to become the dream you always wanted it to be.
If you know you’d like your destination wedding to be in Kerala but are confused about the exact venue, this blog will help you choose the ideal one for your D-day! Read on to discover the top 5 best venues for destination weddings in Kerala!
1) Beach Wedding
A beach wedding in Kerala is the perfect idea to get the right start to your matrimonial life. There is no dispute that Kerala has one of the best beaches in India with an indescribable aura of serenity in its environments that beckons us all. Pristine beaches of Alleppey, Kovalam, and Varkala, are the perfect venues for your destination wedding in Kerala. You can have the perfect start to holy matrimony in a typical Indian or English-styled wedding theme under the open sky while the waves splash across the sand and the sun sets in the backdrop. Is there any place more magical than this to get married?
2) Houseboat Wedding
Does anything sound dreamier than relaxing in a houseboat? Add getting married in one to the mix, and the entire concept becomes even dreamier. A houseboat, set amidst the beautiful Kerala waters and far away from the hustle-bustle of the city is the perfect place to have your dream wedding in the most lavish of ways. This is one venue that any matrimonial sites will hardly ever tell you about!
3) Mountain Wedding
How would you like to get married amidst the hilly backdrop of Kerala? These places in Kerala not just make a wedding the most memorable day in your life ever but also make for great wedding photographs to put up on the matrimony sites where you met your better half. With magical places like Wayanad, Munnar, and Ponmudi, Kerala offers a diverse range of hilly settings to have the perfect start to your married life.
4) Backwaters Wedding
Imagine a scenario of seashores, palm groves, and water as far as the eye can see. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? It can be the perfect venue for your dream wedding. The backwaters of Kerala offer a versatile blend of natural beauty and an unpolluted environment that is akin to heaven. The coastal towns of Kerala are blissful, serene, romantic and perfect to host a wedding.
5) Temple Wedding
Temples are synonymous with Kerala. If what your heart desires is a simple and traditional wedding, then you could not find a place better than a temple in Kerala. The peaceful setting, great architecture, and aura of a temple wedding beat everything! This is one of the most preferred settings for a wedding for many people across India.
Having a destination wedding in Kerala can make your wedding a memorable day, not just for you and your partner but also for your friends and family. From the mesmerizing backwaters to hilly terrains and peaceful temples, Kerala has it all to make your dream wedding come true!
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